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all original photographs. live in Brisbane.

New photos on my new pet project

Hey old friends/new ones too. New photos now up on my pet project , a project that has ultimately superseded passive-aggressive photography. First year out of the coop and I have to keep tabs on everything.

Take a squiz and enjoy. They’re all film from my trip to byron and more

Shot I took using my 50mm on my mates DSLR for my portfolio that I’m supposed to (but largely am not) building.

Shot I took using my 50mm on my mates DSLR for my portfolio that I’m supposed to (but largely am not) building.

New Pet Project

Dear followers or anyone who reads,

After a long abcense from tumblr, I’ve decided to return, but with a new pet project. This year I’ve moved out of home, renting for the first time, juggling uni, work, student dinners and everything else. I’ll be documenting it in film photographs with mostly my nifty 50- hopefully it interests you


killtue asked: This isn't a question, it's a statement.

I thoroughly enjoyed your latest black and white kodak prints.

thanks tuat- please don’t stop writing, you have serious talent and thought and insight and your pieces are always a gift to read!

descrates asked: amazing pictures from the work of yours i've seen! i was wondering, what camera did you start out with? im using a holga 35mm right now and im a beginner, any tips/advice? also whats your favourite lens? :)

hey sorry about the belated reply!

holgas are a fun first camera; I personally started on film with an Olympus OM-10, which is quite a fun first camera, but I think it’s good your first time is with a holga; they teach a lot about lighting and shadows and basics of photography in the same ilk as black and white film. Tips/advice? Mainly, shoot that which you find interesting and love; don’t particularly go around trying to make much out of the mundane if it is mundane to you; shoot what captivates you and drives you, and that which you find engaging and interesting. Also; black and white film will teach you everything you need to know about lighting and shadows in film; shoot a few rolls on black and white and you’ll be a pro at understanding how film works and how to transfer the image in your head onto film in no time! Remember, enjoy- shoot when you want to shoot, find joy in capturing!

hope those are of some help, probably not, my apologies for somewhat superfluous advice!

Favourite lens? That’s a tricky one! I usually just use whatever lens is available; I’m personally not a big can of fisheye lens (if that’s what it’s called); I think it has a slightly gimmicky quality to it. However, I can foresee in time eating my own words, so who knows! -that’s my email. please, if you’re up for it send me some of your stuff when you take it; I’d love to see you photography.